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‘Rabbit’ by David Gibb

August 16, 2014

Entry number two:


I saw a rabbit the other day, I

was walking on my way.

I spied a hunter with a gun, I told the rabbit he

had to run.

It ran, over and down a hill.

Into a massive muddy pool.

A lion thought, I’ll have him for tea.


With all that mud, it was not to be.lion tree

So now the lion’s after me.

I run for my life and climbed a tree.


I hope the lion would run straight by.

When it did, I let out a sigh.


Then it rained

Still treed I got so wet.

I just sat and watched a nice sun set.


‘Tommy’, Mum shouted, ‘come for tea.

You’re all wet, come out the tree.’


© David Gibb




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