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‘The Darkness’ series / Rowan Swift

August 16, 2014

The Darkness,



Lonesome days, painful thoughts

Blinded by love, my vision distorts

Unrealistic lust becoming a need

Rippling my heart, watching me bleed

Lost in life, betrayed by all

No one there to catch my fall

Standing alone, strong and proud

Never joining the sheep-like crowd

When the curtain falls, covers the ground

Take a look around, I won’t be found

The night is dark and icy cold

Like my thoughts of growing old

Death is approaching, holding out his hand

Inviting me to the Promised Land.



The Darkness,

Change of Address.


You’ve done it again

Changed the colours of your skin

You’re a chameleon woman, and I can’t win

Pack your bags, crack your whip

Hit the highway on a road trip

I know the future, I have seen

When you get there, the grass is not green

Change your mood, change your mind

I’m still here, you’re just blind

Changing your address, you couldn’t care less

You can’t change who you are, or ever find your way

Unless you smile in the mirror,

enjoy everyday.



The Darkness,

Cold Inside.


Together our minds will fail

My heart’s released, but only on bail

The darkness has gone, but lurks so near

Alone, confused, hiding in fear

The days are slow, yet life is fast

The years will go, and become the past

Cold inside, dripping hot sweat

It’s been that way since the day we met

Who knows what’s ahead, only time will tell

To you, my lost love, I wish you well



The Darkness,



Even though I feel confused

Looking at you, I am amused

Use your eyes, strike me hard

Leaving me emotionally scarred

In your bed, or on the lawn

Every rose has it’s thorn

I stole that line from a song

To prove to you, my love is strong

You like me, I like you more

I gotta be careful, been here before

Whoever I love goes away

It’s written in blood, has to be that way

At least with you, I know where I stand

I think myself lucky just to hold your hand

The beauty you hold is a magical thing

When you touch me, I feel like a king.


Four poems from the series, The Darkness; entries in our poetry competition

© Rowan Swift (Pahiatua)


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