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‘A Christchurch candle’ / David Gibb

August 17, 2014

A Christchurch Candle

Some say that the gates of hell may be breaching forward, crushing the very life out of Christchurch.

A natural event is destroying the city, bringing it and its people to their knees.

The fury of the monstrous quake throws forth its tentacles of torment, rippling through Canterbury.

Seeking out destroying Churches, Cathedrals, temples and homes.

Killing with complete disregard for our wishes.

Trampling on the hopes or dreams of an already tortured people, until they have no more to give.

In the last remaining churches the flames of Candles have long been extinguished

In the streets the stench of destruction oozes from the ground

The blood of the beast pouring out, flooding roads, shops and homes with swamp like sand

Hillsides crumble, houses fall

The suffering people have taken it all

Despair tightens its devastating evil grip, fear takes hold

Afterwards when all hope seems to just fold

A Candle ignites, at first extremely dim, barely visible, then as news of our countrymen’s

plight spread so does the light from the once dim flame, men and women from near and

far on all corners of the world muster, determined to save and aid.

Joined in defiance they dig with their hands through the rocks and rubble.

To reach to free the ones in trouble.


But what of this Candle, where is it to be found?

It’s in every Man or Woman above and below ground.

The candle is the heart of the humankind.

Its flame the soul.

Burning bright through the despair and pain.

Has power to move nations or obstacle in any domain.

To bring hope to the individual of the entire country

brightly Lighting up the hope of your Children your bewildered People

If the gates of Hell are being tested let kindness be the shield against destruction

Let the light of a candle flicker across the land
© David John Gibb


This is David’s second entry in our current poetry competition.


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