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‘After the war’ by Gaye Hemsley

August 18, 2014



I was a child in the Second World War.

My father was battling out at sea.

He’d come and go throughout my life.

But he always remembered me.


When his ship came in we’d go down to the dock.

And look at the men all dressed in white.

Standing tall on the deck on the ship.

It was a most inspiring sight.


Welcoming arms embraced the men.

But all too soon they’d have to leave.

Time had come for them to go.

HMS New Zealand in Tasman Bay, Nelson, 1913

Those left behind would start to grieve.


My father came home after the war.

To me, my mother and my gran.

Pick up the pieces.

That was the plan.


In this life plans go wrong.

My mum and dad sang a different song.

So living continued as before.

At least he returned from the war.


© Gaye Hemsley (Katikati)
(An entry in our poetry competition)



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