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‘Random thoughts’ by Jeanette Shinton

August 18, 2014

A further entry in our poetry competition. We’re inundated – it’s great!


Random Thoughts

The pruned roses resembled skeletons

Awaiting to be inspired into bud.

The mind is fooled into imagining

The rose garden in bloom with

Perfume filtering through the air.


The flat landscape resembles a

Short, back and sides haircut

With battened fences standing to attention.

The sheep appear to be walking above the

Grass as if on a cushion of air.


Along the water’s edge there are willow trees

Stripped bare of all vegetation for the

Steely cold winter. Their long thin tree limbs

conjure up visions of witches

Riding broomsticks across the sky.


Trained apple trees all bare for winter arebird in tree

An orchard of organised repetition of

Olympic precision and order. The occasional

bird looks larger than life in the leafless

Trees, in the full knowledge that it is

Safe from the farmer’s gun.


Pot holes in the road are a death sentence:

Motorbikes hit them and catapult the rider off.

Road maintenance is really a life and death

Situation – ultimate cost: a sack of potatoes or

A coffin.




© Jeanette Shinton




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