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‘The Deep Quiet’ by Frances Breheny

August 18, 2014

The Deep Quiet

Silence soft as stirred memory

Touches the lacy mist,

Parting curtains of deep quiet.

Splintering the immeasurable

Distances of time and space

Smudging the outlines of stars

Transfixed against

The coal black sky.


The deep quiet lingers

To touch the silent space,

Seeking an entry

In wisps of solitude,

Piercing a tremulous memory

With mercy’s immaculate fire,

To light the deep quiet

With compassion.


Indigo shadows slip

Into place to dwell

In the deep quiet.

They merge with

The murmuring chattering


Allowing silhouettes of pain

To become a heard reality

That will not break

into silence.


© Frances Breheny



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