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‘Naughty cat’ by Ian Julian

August 19, 2014

An entry in our poetry competition all the way from Auckland:


Naughty Cat


Meow, meow.

Now, now.

Put down your feet.

You’ve had enough to eat.

You’re not getting another treat.

Stay out of the fridge.

Stop lifting the lid and licking the margarine.

I don’t know where your tongue’s been.

It is written, “Thou shalt not steal the chicken.”

Now you’ve bitten a hole in the bread.

How many times have I said?

“Bring back the slice of ham”.

“No more eating the leg of lamb”.

I’m running out of patience mate, as you try swiping more food off my plate.

Keep off the bench and climbing onto the ledge.

I beg. It’s time to take heed when you chew on that power lead.

You’ll use up all your nine lives as you won’t be coming back.

Don’t scratch that you naughty cat.

When you jump up on my lap and start to purr.

I’d prefer you wouldn’t leave behind a pile of fur.

That’s the final straw.

You’ve made a mess on the floor.

Out the door.



© Ian Julian (2014)



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