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‘The Orphan Boy and his Dog’ by Reg Allen

August 19, 2014

The orphan boy and his dog

had nowhere to lay their head,

so they trudged the dusty lonely road,

hoping to find a kind person

to give them a bed.
They wandered for days

and walked many miles,

On the coast road to the sea

But I don’t think I could

have kept going,

If that orphan boy

had of been me.
They slept on the roadside

at night,

And gazed into the heaven

so bright

And pleaded with God up above

To feed them and give them his love.
Next day they would start off again

Thumbing rides that were always in vain

They approached a big house

and to the wealthy man said,

Please Sir. Could you give us some bread?

But he kicked the dog

and beat the boy around the head
Get out of here you scoundrel

he said.

So the boy and his dog

Kept wandering on

Getting slower and weaker

Because the days were so long.
His wee doggie got sick

and his feet very sore

So he pulled off his shirt,

To wrap up the wound

that was bleeding and raw.
They were almost there

When his wee doggie died

and the boy was so shocked

he lay down and cried.
He cuddled his dog and kissed him too

and said please towser I can’t go without you.

So he carried the dog the rest of the way

and got to the sea the very next day.
He buried his friend in the dry sand

and lay down beside him

and that was the end.
The wealthy man then turned

on himself with a gun,

When he heard that the wee

orphan boy was his only grandson.
© Reg Allen (Dannevirke)



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I think this is wonderful, and heart rending


  2. this poem bought tears to my eyes…


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