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‘Fishermen on the wharf’ ; ‘A dance in my heart’ ; ‘Dannevirke Town Hall’ poems by Islay Gallagher

August 20, 2014

Three of her six poems, entered in our competition.


Fishermen on the wharf

The gale is blowing

The sea is choppy,

Boats are tied up on the shore

The beach is empty of swimmers,


The fishermen sit on the wharf

And fish.


Their hair is blowing

Backs bent against the gale

They hope the fish will bite

Their lines are tangling,


Still they sit on the wharf

And fish.


The white tops race

Towards the shore

And crash against the rocks

Wind sways the jetty


Still they sit on the wharf

And fish.


Pools of dried blood

From old dead fish

Stain the creaky wooden planks

Gusts blow away the flies,


Still they sit on the wharf

And fish.


A tug on the line

Is it wind or a bite?

Reel in the line and see

Three squirming spotties for bait,


Still they sit on the wharf

And fish.




A dance in my heart

A creak and a groan of my aching bones

My painful swollen feet

I move with a walker

I collapse in my chair

I listen to my tired heart beat.


I remember the days of long ago

When I danced and danced all night

I danced the valeta

The fox trot and the waltz

And my feet were dainty and light.


I whirled round the dance floor with handsome lads

To a lively upbeat band

With energy unbounded

Full of fun, full of life,

In my beautiful ball gown so grand.


But now I am old and slow to walk

I have weak and painful bones

I swallow my pills

And rest all day

And sit by the fire with my moans.


But deep inside I am still the same

My mind can take me where it will

And in my heart there’s always a dance

And my spirit is dancing still.




Dannevirke Town Hall

On a corner in Dannevirke is the town Hall

Where a Viking stands guard with his sword.

Where generations of town folk perform their arts

And talents deserve loud applaud.


Many shows, concerts, and plays have been seen

And many a crowd has been there.

There has been laughter and tears and music for years

And encores and laughter to share.


Inside gilded walls surround comfortable stalls

The acoustics are the best to be found

There is singing and dancing and wonderful shows

Our Town Hall is the best hall around.


Long may the hall stand as a venue for art

Generations of audiences have come

Past and present have clapped and cheered

Future Dannevirkians will continue the fun.


© Islay Gallagher [Dannevirke]






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