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‘Lost with no hope’ by Victoria Ripia

August 20, 2014

Another local entry in our poetry competition:


Lost with no hope


when i close my eyes…. I am in the mountains

there is a pleasant scent of leaves and blossoms

the misty sky however fails to shine through right

from all directions, shines a false hope of sunlight

their warmth embraces this presence

but shadows my heart

the lights guide me wrong

the deeper i trust them, the more they turn dark

where’s the path, that shines through true

the one that rescues and promises to treasure you

wonders of who to believe

what’s your purpose…what does time foresee

every life is a story, where people forget their start

many stories come through you, they never truly depart

through many lights….you can build a dream

through actions they become more real then they first seemed

but sometimes the shadows, hold your way

you must step through the fear…and the cures hold a special place

how must you endure…when you’re alone

to find a path….through the deep cold

confusion builds through my mind

when i truly step back, and wonder what to find

what is real…..where must i go?

the wonders fall through me… like I’m

lost with no hope


© Victoria Ripia


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