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“It’s only rain” by Hans Welling

August 21, 2014

It’s only rain  

Is that rain coming?

Are you all right?

The cold might come.


I always wondered about that.

What it was that left her,

just standing there.


Like she was waiting for something,

or someone, anything, to improve

Or just change.


You want my raincoat?

I’ll be all right.

It’s only rain.


Some people are simply never prepared.

That is their natural state,



She was like that, a bit of a dancer.

But she never really moved.

She carried doom.


Standing motionless while running

as fast as you possibly can.

It must have been exhausting.


God knows where she is now.

You all right?


It’s only rain.


© Hans Welling (Mangatainoka)


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