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‘Snow’ ; ‘The Mists of Time’ poems by Islay Gallagher

August 21, 2014


There is snow on the mountains

There’s a chill in the air.

My bones are aching with cold.

Each winter gets colder

The wind gets stronger

I think I am getting old.



The snowdrops are showing

The cammellias are blooming.

The promise of spring is near.

Soon the sun will be warmer

The storm clouds roll away

I’ll enjoy spring for another year.


The Mists of Time

Long ago from the mists of time

The Vikings came from afar

They came in ships across the seas

To this land of the Southern Stars.


They felled the forests and built their homes

In the bush many buildings burnt down.

But still the settlers built railways and roads

And created our Dannevirke town.


The work was hard the pleasures were fewdannevirke sign

Bush had to be cleared and families to rear

Far from the loved ones and things left behind

In far off countries with friends they held dear.


Today our thriving town lives on

Our people are prosperous and free

With our shops and the library and cafes galore

It’s a great little town in which to be.


We remember the settlers of early days

The hard times they suffered and planned

To build up our modern and lively town

In this new and difficult land.


The future of Dannevirke is in our hands

As we continue to develop and grow

To build, create, enjoy and live,

And press forward to the future mists of time.



© Islay Gallagher








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