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‘The Big Sucker’ by Badger Bloomfield

August 21, 2014

The Big Sucker

I had an experience with good old Nana

vacuuming in a reckless manner

Sucking things up just at random

Causing a very hurried abandon


A waste of time doing in here

I’ve kept the cupboard fairly bare

There’s not a crumb left on the floor

Only some rice jammed in the door


Our sock home was threatened tonight

That vacuum cleaner has got quite a bite

Sucked the sock right up the tube

Making a strange noise ever so rude


The cleaner’s stuffed, won’t go at all

Nana pushed it against the wall

A strong movement I must confess

My home has gone! What a mess!


The sock has gone but the carton has not

My mansion is still in the muesli box

Nana’s vacuuming hasn’t got much style

Her aim at crumbs is out a mile.



© Badger Bloomfield (Woodville)



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