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“Lonely Book” by Danielle Stark

August 22, 2014

The joy of reading

A Library Poem – Lonely Book

As I sit waiting patiently, I begin to gather dust

The breeze circulating is never enough.

“Oh look – here comes someone, maybe they will take me out?”

Darn Drat Rubbish! It is just the library assistant dusting the shelf…

You pick me up and I think I am leaving,

As tears fall softly I realise you are bereaving.

As you handle me firmly and look over my spine,

It gives me a warm fuzzy, It feels right this time

“No! Please! STOP!” do not put me back…

My cover is pushed hard in place, with a squish, and a SMACK!

Jammed into place with no room to move,

“Oh please take me out, I am ever so smooth”.

I promise you may like me,

You may even want to buy me.

“Ah Yes, hello? I’m here, can you see thee?”

Darn Drat Rubbish! It is the library assistant coming to unsqueeze me.

As I sit waiting up here on the shelf

I sit on the edge and I think to myself

People come and people go,

I am getting rather lonely don’t you know?

“Hang on just wait! Have a good look”

“Read what it says at the back of this book!”

Is what I would say if I could only talk…?

There is only one way to know what is inside.

You have to spread me open really wide

I promise I will never have anything to hide.

So you are here now to borrow a book.

Please put me back nicely after you look.


“OH NO!”   Down down down to the floor I go… Blow!

Here I am on the floor, spread open for all to see,

“Please be careful not to tread or step on me”

Yes, it is time I am finally getting up

Darn Drat Rubbish, it is just the library assistant tidying up!

She dusts me off carefully and straightens me out.

“What is this rotation all about?’’

As she picks me up and looks deep into my words

I realise I am on a waitlist, filling in a reserve.

I am now not lonely, upset,  sad or blue

However, so proud to be borrowed

and cannot wait to meet you.

Thank you very much library member…

It is you I will never forget

So will always remember.

[Not an entry in the competition, but written by our very own Danielle from Pahiatua Library]

© Danielle Stark (2014)


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