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‘Rise Up’ ; ‘Night and Day’ ; ‘Tearing of the Flesh’ ; ‘Moon Fantasy’ by Nancy Byrne

August 23, 2014

The remaining four of her seven entries into our competition.


On the crest of a wave enjoying life’s pleasures

The Ogre called FATE laughs and seizes

All that you own and so hard worked for

Now smashed to the ground and stamped on the floor.

So the chips are down and its all over

Like the King and the Pawn go back in the box together

Where do you run, how can you recover?

In despair it seems you’re pelted with rocks.

The wily Pawn sneers, thought you were great,

Join me in the box and await your fate.


Losing a loved one dying of cancer

Lost precious souls in unforeseen disaster

Why them? why me? you cry in despair

Shake fists to heaven, God are you there?

You’re still alive, well and breathing

Don’t let FATE destroy you, rise up and defeat him

Life has its seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn Winter

Spring beckons you and Summer gloriously brighter

Renew your visions and start again

In the race of life it’s no pain, no gain.
You’re special, unique, RISE UP! don’t stop,

The ebbing tide will change and you’ll get to the top.






Moon light, silvery beams caressing earth, wooing, enveloping

her into the pearly light of another world of night,

Charming, soothing, casting her sleep dust on jangled nerves

Drawing the oceans and rivers upward in her magnetic kiss

Raising and lowering tides while the night creatures

Scurry around minding their own business.

Too soon Old Sol bids her adieu, she catches a glimpse

of sunrise enveloping earth, another day has birthed

Then sinks into her realm satisfied, pleased with what she had to do.


Old Sol floods the earth with light, painting a

kaleidoscope of colours on trees, plants,

and flowers, generating life, energy and beauty.

The clouds co-operate releasing rain and moisture as their duty.

The wind circles and blows around nature singing her own melody.

Evening and morning, night and day never ceases or comes to an end

The Great Creator sits on the circle of the earth watching men

like grasshoppers and creatures in a daze and loves them all

Ensuring they have NIGHT and DAY, evening and morning without end.
It is so hard to release a loved one into the adult world away from home

Protected and sheltered all these years to fend for themselves,

Studying, working, striving to succeed in a future yet unknown.

I sit in the empty room, silent, see the things left behind

On the desk, on the walls, smell the perfume lingering in the air.

Then the tears fall and I breathe a prayer,

I’ve taught you all the social graces, kindness and respect

Honesty the best policy to God only accountability.

You will be fine, I’m planning for home-coming, a wonderful time

Fly free, don’t lose sight of home, secure and safe

Waiting for your return precious child of mine.






Sometimes I’m disappointed that man has reached the moon

Because I like to picture the old witch and her broom

Sailing past her swiftly on a cool starry night,

Making all the wee folk run away in fright.
How can there be moon fairies in such an ugly place

No pretty flower to sit on, no nectar there to taste

The hard moon rocks are plain to see, just what man has done

Shattered dreams of fantasy and moon struck days are gone.


No more will little children gaze up at the sky

And point with awe and wonder at the lovely moon so high

And say, “There is the old man with the sticks on his back,

He disobeyed the Law you see and now he can’t come back.”
The moon was such a mystery, beautiful and still

But now that man has gone up there, it has lost its thrill

‘Cause all I seem to think of when I look up there

Is a cold and lifeless planet, horrible and bare.



© Nancy Nina Byrne [Woodville]



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