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‘The Witches Competition’ by Islay Gallagher

August 23, 2014

Islays’ sixth and final entry in our competition.


The Witches Competition

One burning lazy summer day

When Angie felt too tired to play

She sat on the grass in the shade of a tree

To think up a game of “What can I be?”


If I sit on that broomstick lying there

And get some wool for long black hair

I could fly up high above the ground

Casting wicked fearful spells around.


She fetched the broom and put on the wig

And grabbed Nibbles the cat who was black and big.

She called to her brother three year old Joe

“Hop on my broomstick and away we go.”


Just then a small black cloud came by

With a tittering, twittering from the sky.

Angie felt it brush softly against her ears

And a whisper said “Come with us my dears.”


The small black cloud then covered them round

And lifted them high above the ground

Nibbles, Angie and Joe sailed away on the broom

With the cloud of black witches toward the moon.


Fifty black broomsticks with fifty black cats

Long flowing hair and tall pointed hats

Laughing and screeching and jumping with glee

As they sped over mountains and rivers and sea.


Soon they came to a forest far down below

Where hundreds of black twisted trees seemed to grow

They dipped down to a clearing – a large murky glen

Filled with hundreds of witches, cackling, dancing, and then


Just as they bumped down hard on their broom

Hundreds of eerie lights lit the gloom

All the witches sat down on their cushions of stones

In front of a stage with red lanterns and bones.


In the centre a witch sat who looked like a queen

In a long sparkly gown of purple and green

And a tall black pointed hat sprinkled with stars

and her hand held a wand of moonbeams from Mars.


She raised her arms and the crowd was still

Then she spoke to them in a voice loud and shrill

She said they had come to this dark forest dell

To find the most magic witch with the cleverest spell.


The competition began with shrieks and yells

As each witch had a turn to show off her spells

All sorts of magic they did for the queen

Each trying to be the best ever seen.


Then cats and dogs and big white rats

Pumpkins, mice and ugly bats

Were changed to ladies fine and fair

To princes handsome, debonair.


High leaping toads joined in the maze

And flickering flames began to blaze.

The ground became a sea of flowers

And broomsticks changed to high shining towers.


The blackened twisted trees nearby

Became jewelled archways reaching high.

The dark and gloomy forest glen

Now filled with jewels and small men.


They saw a wonderland of lights

Of colours and amazing sights

All ugly, dark and gloomy things

Were silver, gold, and sparkling rings.


“Now come on Angie. It’s our turn dear.”

A witch voice said in her ear.

“Hang on to the broomstick little Joe.

Hold Nibbles tight while we do our show.”


The broomstick came to life, and then

They swooped and soared around the glen

They somersaulted up and down

And topsy turvied like a clown.


They changed to gaudy birds of song

Swooping down with tails so long

Their feathers of gay orange and green

They perched on the stage and bowed to the queen.


They danced before her and sang so sweet

She clapped her hands and jumped to her feet.

“I do declare, they are the best.

Now change them back and let them rest.”


They sat down with a bump and that was that

Now they were Angie, Joe and Nibbles the cat.

The lights went down, and turned eerie blue

The fine ladies and princes and archways went too.


Then the cloud of black witches raised them up on their broom

They sailed up to the sky and away from the gloom

Once more over mountains and rivers and sea.

And back to their garden and the green shady tree.


“Thank you my dears,” the witchy voice said

And away swept the cloud to the blue over head.

And as the day ended, there they all sat

Just Angie and little Noe and Nibbles the cat.


© Islay Gallagher  [Dannevirke]










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  1. Oh Wow! It was so so brilliant. Thank you for sharing it.


  2. This is adorable.
    This reminds me how important a child’s imagination is.


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