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“J” and “Brown Times” by Edna Eled

August 24, 2014


Oh my haunted Jerusalem, will you ever know joy?

This bloody July, jeopardizing all judgement

Judas and Jesus, Jews and Jihad.


Is it justice you strive for? Playing out morbid jokes?

Are you angry, thirsty,

breathing in jealousy, bleeding out fiery jewels,

your jaws drooling human juice?


Jury of this cruel jungle

crying silently, witnessing from your hidden jails

how this juxtaposition

once again




Brown Times


She wanted to divorce

the hot water bottle


a crimson red tail

in the vast autumn field

under her belly


devouring her desires

sharing her breaths

puking smiles at her



she wanted to break it

make it

fake it


she would not mistake it

she just could not take it


the very last noodle

left on her plate

her tears, her lovers,

her burning cascades



©  Edna Eled


Two poems that were entered in our competition


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