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‘Rally’ by Gayle Cresswell

August 24, 2014

Sideways on the corner

Inside front up in the air,

BDA is screaming

Gravel flying everywhere


Pedal to the metal

Camber-dance along the ridge,

Down a twisting valley

Watch out! Narrow bridge!


End of Stage and Time Control

Oh man, that stage went fast!

One more long one before service,

You hope the tyres will last.


Service, Refuel, and quick gossip.

It seems Joe’s out, he’s rolled.

The grizzled Veteran’s leading

Even though his car is OLD.


Screaming through the forest

On a slippery logging road,

Someone’s gone off down a steep bank,

He’ll be needing to be towed.


Sideways on the corner,

Inside front up in the air

BDA is screaming



© Gayle Cresswell

An entry in our [now closed] competition




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