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Solstice Prayer ; On change ; Today ; Thought – poems by Christine Kelly

August 24, 2014

Solstice Prayer
As the earth turns daily

To face the sun

And the light from long dead stars

Reaches us

As the seasons cycle towards rebirth

And small acts of kindness bring hope

May we find ourselves inclined

To look outwards with generosity

And inwards with gentleness

Brave enough perhaps—

To breathe upon cooling embers

Rekindle flame

Whisper to the departing dark

And share the hearthspace

With the stranger at our door



A friend may need you

Then you too can be an angel

Speak words of peace

Bless and exchange truths

Heal and warm

And then there will be a lightness

in your step

and a joy in your heart

As the heavens lay claim to such treasure.



On Change
This business of change



Roll with it

Even towards it

Reach for serenity

Vulnerability fully acknowledged

The other side of anger-

Preparing to arrive

In each others tomorrow

Mysteriously undamaged

With only a little skin off our hearts.




Wisdom so elusive

Forgiveness chased away

It is judgement on our doorstep

Far too soon



© Christine Kelly [Wellington]



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