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Travellers ; Honesty ; Made of Ice [poems] by Rowan Swift

August 24, 2014


©  Rowan Swift


Lying on the lawn, watching the stars

Listening to traffic, distant cars

All those people in steel death traps

Back ‘n forth, time relapse

The noise in the wind the only proof

That they were there, that’s the truth

Only they can prove their being

To the rest of us, they aren’t worth seeing

Just travelling through this hard old land

Leaving petrol fumes like footprints in the sand

Slow down my friends,

Death’s coming for you

Slow down my friends, God’s watching you!




© Rowan Swift


Walking the streets, forgetting my past

Living alone, a simple outcast

Nice white skin, but dark inside

Burying thoughts of suicide

My sinful mind, playing tricks

Confusing, like religion and the crucifix

Sorry to you all for the trouble I caused

That’s my sense of humour, stuff remorse

The girlfriends I’ve had are all the same

Living life like it’s one big game

Making me sad, and I’m to blame

I’m better off with a dog I can tame

Getting on my nerves when I try to drink

I’m not listening to you, I’m trying to drink

I’m drinking everyday to celebrate

Being above ground, ain’t life great?



Made of Ice

© Rowan Swift


Always on my mind, I want you instead

Sooner than later, before I am dead

My memories of you drive me crazy

I need you now, the image so hazy

The games we play are so nice

Which isn’t easy when you’re made of ice

The most beautiful woman, you I desire

With your cold blooded heart, eyes of fire

Women for me should only be fun

It’s hard for me, when I find that one

I can’t get her, she doesn’t want me

Let yourself go, together we’re free

Therapy for me is what others call love

I’ll report in when you give me a shove

Heaven is a word I never use

But when thinking of you, what else to choose?

Smiling as a flirt, thinking of you

Begging to be hurt, do what you do

Hit me with that look, eyes so cold

Another chapter of the book, this one’s old

That might sound obsessive, that might seem mad

I’m just possessive and I want you bad

Well, now Winter’s over, and Summer is near

I wonder if you’ll notice, or even care

See what you had,

Ignore what you’ve got

Be happy with what you have?

Probably not

Time for bed, I hope I sleep

Pray to God, my soul to creep

Yes, I will stir the whole night through

Yearning for the one, that is you.




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