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Could you live in a tiny home?

September 6, 2014

“Tiny homes on the move” by Lloyd Kahn is a large format book that caught my eye because of the subject matter – and what I suspect is a fascination shared by many – with homes that are compact, highly organised, and moveable, or ‘nomadic’, as Kahn puts it.

trycycle houseThe sub-heading, “Nomadic Life in the 21st Century”, encompasses vehicles and vessels, including sailboats and houseboats, vans, school buses, trailers, and even four cycles! I had to stop typing this and check those out. The Tricycle House is a perfect example of what this book is about – an ingenious new take on tried and true nomad tricks. It was invented in China, where private land ownership doesn’t exist, and people sleep in vehicles in parking lots at night. Constructed from polypropylene, it concertinas in for transport, and out for living in. Amazing what people can fit in these miniscule spaces –  would you believe, a bath?! As well as two beds? You will have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. And it is towed around by a bicycle – highly suitable for China.

This half high-tech, half low-tech design is typical of the subject material, where traditional gypsy caravans have evolved to incorporate new technology available, such as solar panels and inverters. And in places, this book is as much about the people and their personalities as it is about the moveable living quarters. Highly recommend this book full of wonderful, well-thought out pictures of exteriors, but most importantly exteriors. There are many weblinks throughout too, for those who like to learn even more.

– Tamara


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