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What would you do if you kept dying?

September 8, 2014

Set in the near future, young adult novel ‘Revived’ by Cat Patrick looks at the life of the subject of a government experiment. Daisy died in a tragic bus accident and has since been revived five times by a mystery drug the FDA are testing.

Hrevivedowever, all is not as it seems and mysteries and sub-plots litter Daisy’s world as she navigates the dramas of high school, and having to move and assume a new identity. Making a new friend, meeting a boy and discovering all is not what it seems with the head of the programme makes this a well written and convincing book.

I cried at the end and enjoyed the questions this book raised. Although the end seemed rushed and I was a little disappointed more wasn’t explained about the plot twists, it is a good honest read that keeps you entertained and transfixed. Who knows what shadowy goings-on there are in an organisation that literally holds your life in their hands.

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– Corinna




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