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September 17, 2014

That headline made you look didn’t it!  “Vagina” is actually the title of a book, in this case, by Naomi Wolf.  As I have always found with Wolf’s books, one must engage one’s critical thinking and weigh up what she writes, as I find she can be quite opinionated. That proviso aside, this book was very interesting.

vaginaOf course the title “Vagina” is hard to avoid, but if it makes people pick the book up, so much the better. And for those who are put off by it – please don’t be. Whatever else Wolf might be, she is an intelligent woman and the book appears well-researched. So much so that I consider ‘Vagina’ a must-read for woman of all ages – and any man brave enough! I learnt things I never even considered, such as the network of nerves surrounding the vagina is far more extensive than I knew. But I won’t tell you everything I learnt – have a read yourself and you may also learn new things. In this day and age, where the media seems to portray a disconnect between sexuality and spirituality, this book seeks to reconnect this in some way.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

– Tam


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