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You can still be friends even if you look different!

September 22, 2014

pig small“Pig and Small” by Alex Latimer

Pig thinks he has Squeaky Nose Syndrome, but after some serious worry, discovers a tiny bug sitting on his nose squeaking at him.  Bug wants to be friends, and so does Pig, but they can’t find anything they can do together because one is Big and one is Small.  After some failed experiments, like playing chess and catch, Pig realises there are loads of things they can do together where size doesn’t matter – like going to the movies, museums, art galleries, zoos and eating out.  Because best friends don’t care about physical differences as long as they get along!

A very cute picture book for children that will not drive adults crazy (hopefully) when reading it over and over and over ….. and a very good way to teach an important lesson.

– Natalie


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