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Call the vet!

October 10, 2014
Anna Birch

Anna Birch

“Call the vet” by Anna Birch is a memoir telling the story of a British woman’s first year as a qualified veterinarian.  Starting her training a bit later in life – because she didn’t really know what she wanted to do – her first professional job is with a rural mixed practice in Dorset owned by two experienced vets.  Initially, she is frustrated that they restrict her to small animal duties, however, as her first cat spay takes 90 minutes (normally about 30), and she nearly kills a pet hamster when it gets sucked up the anaesthetic machine tubing, she realises that the transition from theory to practice might be harder than she thought.

Eventually, she is allowed to start making farm visits, and despite a few rocky patches and difficult cases, she is soon in her element. Even more so when she meets a handsome young Reserve Warden.  But then a friend invites her to Africa for a few weeks, to assist in a feral dog rabies vaccination programme.  Her new boyfriend is less than pleased at the prospect, and when she returns, he announces he’s moving to a new job 90 minutes away.  Has Anna lost him?  After her adventure, will she be happy working on farms again?

As someone who actually worked in vet clinics for many years, this book accurately portrayed that lifestyle and animal health cases (some quite funny, some sad). It was also a lovely romantic tale.

– Natalie


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