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How not to kill your kids before they turn 18!

October 22, 2014

How’s that for a title to grab your attention!  “How NOT to kill your kids before they turn 18” by Tonya E. Joyner is only 125 pages whick makes it a quick easy read- it only took about an hour with a few breaks in between to allow for parenting of course.

how not to kill kidsIt is for anyone and everyone who is interested in making it through parenthood, or who have made it through but may need to revise what went on within the family. It describes surreal situations and things experienced daily for parents or caregivers. Things that will make you nod your head in agreement and smile every now and again as you can imagine yourself or your children doing the things described.

It has great guidelines to follow,  and the concepts for running smoother, healthier, family relationships are quick and simple so therefore easy to remember. It covers everything:

  • parenting basics
  • having organisation within the family, “keeping it together”
  • putting systems in place for the family
  • communication and disagreements
  • chores children are capable of and for what ages
  • tips on other topics pre-teens and teenagers.

I recommend this book to anyone wanting to upskill, or increase their knowledge of parenting.

– Danielle



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