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‘The religion’ by Tim Willocks

November 11, 2014

willocksI’ve been to Malta – it’s a beautiful island with a long and proud history. I didn’t know that one of the biggest sieges happened there in the 16th century between the knights of St John and the armies of Suleiman Shah. This book is a no holds barred story about the siege and its consequences for the Maltese, the knights and the Muslim hordes.

Brilliantly written, it is both gripping and sometimes traumatic. Tim Willocks does not stint on the description of death and horror. You begin to smell the rotting corpses and understand the shell shock for those living and dying on this small disputed piece of land. The story behind the battles and gore is also well written and I really liked the lead character Mattias.

I might just wait to read the second of this trilogy, ‘The twelve children of Paris’ as I’m just a bit off blood and gore for now. Mr Willocks has a style of writing that is beautiful, funny and prosy. I laughed out loud in some places, his characters really engage you with their trials and tribulations and it brings this time in history to life.  This is not a gentle love story, it’s not for the faint hearted, but it a gripping informative read, well written and excellently researched. If you want something just a bit untamed this is the book for you, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Until next time.

– Corinna


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