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Three fictional suffragettes…

November 24, 2014

A Sister’s Courage by Catherine King is set in the early 1900s, and is a story of three women from very different backgrounds.

sisters courageMeg Parker is a mill worker. She was not able to further her education as it was more important for her brothers to get an education and good jobs. When her mother passed away she gave up  the chance of love to look after her father. When her Dad remarried  things went from bad to worse for Meg. Lady Alice Langton is able to have some independence after her grandmother leaves her an inheritance. Florence Brookes  is the daughter of a prosperous grocer, engaged to a self made ‘ideal’ man.

They join forces and travel the Yorkshire  dales spreading the suffragette message. From there they go on to London. Meg is so appalled by the others lack of domestic skills that she goes along as their maid servant.

This is a love story.  It is also  a story of the hardships that were faced by women seeking better conditions. A good read.

– Janice

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