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The Tomorrow Series – beloved by teens everywhere!

January 11, 2015

‘The Dead of the Night’ by John Marsden is the second in “The Tomorrow Series“, following on from ‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’.  It’s about five teenagers that go on a camping trip to ‘Hell’ but when they return, they find that everyone has been taken to the Wirrawee showground. This book is all about how these five teenagers survive thoughout the war. I liked this book because it captured me straight away and it was always difficult to put the book down. It makes you feel like you are right there in the action and the emotion is spread everywhere. I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend the series to everyone ( 10/10 )

“The Third Day, the Frost” continues after ‘The dead of the night’. These 5 amazing teenagers have thought and planned out their next big attack to help stop the war. They have decided to blow up the biggest enemy port ‘Cobbler’s bay’. After finding an old member of the group ‘Kevin’ they break him out of the soldiers guard and set off into action. They packed a broken down container truck with heaps of gum powder and petrol and matches so when Ellie and Homer lit a match the whole port would blow up. But on their escape they get caught but major Harvey and taken to prison. but when the prison gets bombed days before there death sentence they have a chance to get away but not without the death of Robyn. in the end the rest of the group get a rescue ride to new Zealand where they are safe. Gripping tale, never can put the book down and it is a very emotional book that always keeps you interested 10/10

– reviews by Samantha Read


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