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What if Planet Earth wanted to eradicate humanity?

January 15, 2015
Brian Falkner

Brian Falkner

“The Tomorrow Code” by Brian Falkner is a very interesting book. Written by a NZ author, it is set in New Zealand, predominantly Auckland and the surrounding cities, so there was a familiarity about it which made it more relevant to me.

This book has many science-fiction aspects to it such as communicating through time, which can easily become difficult to comprehend as well as science behind pathogens and antibodies. It’s essentially a new take on climate change where humans are a parasite on planet Earth and and are being eradicated. This is definitely an interesting viewpoint and puts the damage some humans have done to nature into perspective.

The ending is basically the story starting again, following a different turn of events because of the time communication and I am still undecided if I am satisfied with this conclusion. Overall a good book raising good questions and offers a new perspective of the human impact on nature.

– Jason Benbow


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