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Sisterhood everlasting…

January 17, 2015

“Sisterhood everlasting” is the amazing last book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series by Ann Brashares. The characters are Lena, the shy, serious, beautiful Greek artist; Carmen, the dramatic, bossy, loving Puerto Rican actress; and Bridget, commonly known as Bee, the spontaneous, carefree Amazon, who suffers from incredible highs and depressing lows; and Tibby, the careful, quirky film maker, who has been in Australia for the last two years with her high school sweetheart Brian, but has been slowly losing contact with her friends.


** ALERT **



When Tibby organises a reunion in Santorini, where Lena’s grandparents lived and where they lost the pants, everyone is deliriously excited. But when they get there, Lena, Carmen and Bee wait hours for Tibby, before the police find her drowned body. This book is about the three coping with her death. Carmen realises that she doesn’t love her fiance and her career. Bridget leaves her partner Eric at home to go on a road trip, and ends up with Brian and Bailey (Tibby’s daughter), and she decides to keep her own unborn baby and she realises how much she loves Eric. Lena battles away with self doubt and eventually kindles a close relationship with her sister Effie, and finds her someday with Kostos who, even with a horrible broken heart, she has loved since fifteen. Tibby’s letters help them struggle on, and realise that she still loved them all.

This series is so bittersweet, I can never decide whether to burst out laughing or burst into tears. This is just the best series.

– review by Molly Thompson

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