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“The Thread” by Victoria Hislop

January 19, 2015

the threadIn Thessaloniki, 2007, Dimitri has breakfast with his grandparents, Katerina and Dimitri Komninos. After hearing a blind man exclaim how much he loves Thessaloniki, he is intrigued when his grandmother passionately agrees. His grandparents tell their story: Dimitri Komninos, son of the beautiful, loving Olga, and angry, rich textile wholesaler Konstantinos who sees Dimitri as a possession. Katerina Sarafoglou is separated from her mother as the Greeks chaotically sail to Greece when their homes in Asia Minor are destroyed. The doctor turned guerilla and modistra (seamstress) are intertwined through two World Wars, a civil war, a dictatorship and through the people they both love.

I have read The Island by Victoria Hislop, and The Thread is just as good. You can picture Greece and each character with all the tiny details that make these books especially stand out.

– Molly Thompson


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