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The perils of being a terrible reader…

February 1, 2015

book pagesI am a terrible reader. I love to look at the last few pages of a book and see if that casually mentioned character is important after all. Often with many books having the first chapter of another book at the end, I am left confused and wondering where did that twist come from! My own fault for snooping and trying to rush the story.

“The collected works of A J Fikry” by Gabrielle Zevin is one such book where reading the last page won’t tell you an awful lot. This is a lovely book, gentle and well written. It has a few laugh out loud moments but mostly it is just the story of a widowed bookshop owner who finds new meaning in his life. There are a few mysteries, some gentle plot twists and a not so happy ending.

One quote on the cover says “I read it in one sitting” and once I picked it up I also read it in one go, it’s a good rainy afternoon book and it will leave you happy to have known the characters. There are no blood thirsty villains to set your heart racing or twisted love stories to wring your heart-strings but rather a set of ordinary people living ordinary lives while trying to be happy and whole. Sometimes just what we need out of a book. Enjoy.

– Corinna


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