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A monk, a lawyer or a sleuth?

February 13, 2015

In ‘The gardens of the dead’ by William Brodrick, the main character is Father Anselm, a monk who had once been a barrister (just like the author) and fancies himself a sleuth.

gardens deadThus the author, having had feet in both very different worlds, has chosen to write a modern day mystery that involves both. And a very good page turning mystery it is. It is not a detective novel –  there is no official detective – and it is not a police procedural though a police officer is one character in it.

I do not want to give too much, if anything, away as plot is all important in this kind of writing. It is one of those onion like mysteries in which more and more is revealed page by page until the whole truth is uncovered, and one finishes the book pretty well satisfied that the intricate threads of the story have been brought together in the final pages.

This is no psychological, serial killer, blood thirsty or gory tale but a cleverly constructed, almost believable second novel by an author from whom further clever and highly readable stories will come, I am sure.

My only very minor winge is the title, which seems too obscure for me, but then what is in a name?

– Larry Gordon


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