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29 failed first dates! What would you do?

March 3, 2015

I tend to avoid chicklit fiction, but “Love Hacked” by Penny Reid caught my eye (yes, it was the cover).   The main character is Dr Sandra Fielding, a pediatric psychotherapist who has had 29 first dates over the last two years, that all end in tears. Not hers – theirs. Because for some reason, all the men she’s interested in have issues and she can’t help fixing them, on the first date.

love hackedWitnessing her disastrous dates, eventually the waiter Alex invites himself to her dinner table, and she finds herself falling hopelessly in lust with him.  Alex is younger, argumentative, secretive, won’t discuss his upbringing with her, and challenges her. And he won’t be analysed!  Just what the Doctor ordered?

But it seems that Alex has spent time in prison and is under FBI surveillance as he is a famous computer hacker.  The Government want his help but have never had any leverage over him – until his feelings for Sandra become obvious.  To save her reputation, will he have to submit to being “owned” or will she be able to save him after all?

There was a bit of mystery in there, and a virgin (the man, no less), and plenty of humour as well.  I very much enjoyed it, and hope you do too.

– Natalie


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