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Is this the most tear-jerking movie of all time?

March 5, 2015

Based on John Green’s best-selling novel “The fault in our stars”, the movie of the same name has a great story line. And one can tell from looking at the cover of Hazel with oxygen intubationers clipped to her nose, it will be a tear-jerker.

fault in starsI chose it to satisfy someone else in my household who likes these soppy stories, and now I remember why I don’t watch them. If I had a bucket, I could have filled it with the mucous that dribbled from my nose. I cried so much and so many times I was choked up and blocked-nosed for two hours afterwards.

Although it featured the usual North American schlocky feel-good b**-s***, one has to simply discount that nowadays to enjoy any US movie. Very good actors, hence the believability and absolutely RIDICULOUS amount of tears. After watching, was tempted to save others from my fate and crack the disc in half.    Reserve it now (I dare you!)

4/5 stars

– Tamara

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