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Sir Terry Pratchett, Discworld creator, taken by Death

March 13, 2015

The wonderful Sir Terry Pratchett has died aged 66, after battling with posterior cortical atrophy, a variation of Alzheimer’s (which he called “the embuggerance”), for the last 7 years.  The famous author wrote more than 70 books for all ages, including 40 as part of the fantastical and satirical Discworld series, of which he completed his last book in 2014. He collaborated with several authors, including Stephen Baxter who wrote “The Long Earth” series with him. He is survived by his wife Lyn and their daughter Rhianna.  Read full article

It is with great sadness that I write this, as Discworld novels have delighted me for many years. This imaginary world is a flat disc-shaped planet that is carried through space on the back of four elephants, in turn standing upon a giant turtle. It is a world peopled by humans, incompetent wizards, upside-down mountains, slow-witted barbarians, trolls, vampires, and a wry incarnation of Death.

I have very carefully rationed myself about two Discworld books a year, to make the series last as long as possible (at that rate, 20 years, so maybe I should speed up?) because I knew the end was looming.  But if you’re not the kind of person who likes to read series in absolute order, then dip your toe in wherever you like – that said, I would probably recommend reading “The colour of magic” first, as that is a good introduction to Discworld (also available on film).

So, as a long-time fan, I salute you Sir Terry and I’m very glad you blazed through this world and shared your magic with us. I hope wherever you are now is as amazing as your imagination… “I ate’nt dead”

– Natalie


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