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Could you get away with murder?

March 26, 2015

I’ve always found that every so-called “scary” novel can be topped by a way better non-fiction book and that is the case here.  “Body in question: exploring the cutting edge in forensic science” by Brian Innes is a book for those of us who enjoy learning about forensic science (and there are lots of us out there) but it has more value than just information on dead people.
body in question

This book gives a brilliant feel to the history on this subject.  All sciences have a start somewhere and this book shows us where all that fun stuff came from, that we learn about on those really cool but not so accurate forensic television programmes. Yet don’t worry people, this is not a “how-to-murder” book but a “you will always can be caught” book, so forget all those ‘accidents’ involving people with wills, it is not worth it!

Now, not everything is perfect, and this book does have a quirk that does it let it down a little. The print layout can be distracting as you try to find out where the last sentence ends and the next starts (kind of like this review), but in saying that, if you take your time then it starts to make sense.  I enjoyed it and hope you do too.

– Darren

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