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A man you can bank on!

April 17, 2015

hansenAuthor Derek Hansen was born in England, spent his youth in New Zealand, went back to London (where he became a very successful writer in the advertising world) and finally settled in Australia where he began writing fiction.

Best known for his novels ‘Lunch with the generals’ and ‘Lunch with Mussolini’, he has also written several others plus three collections of short stories, Derek Hansen has now come up with something in a slightly different style. There are thousands of thrillers out there but cleverly comic thrillers – I mean comic in the sense of funny, not graphic- are few and far between.

A man you can bank on’ is both a fast paced crime story and a funny take on modern outback Australia. On the cover it says “the cops want to arrest him, the crims want to kill him and the town wants to name a dog after him”. The story is set in the very small town of Munni-Munni where a retired bank manager uses a large stash of stolen money to keep his town alive during a time of recession and drought. The trouble is, the gang that stole the money have been released from jail and want it back. The only policeman in town is an honest cop and he has to cope with the mob plus an insurance investigator and two truly frightful hit men.

This is a delightful read, unexpected from a writer whose previous novels were neither off centre nor funny. It would make a great movie. If you haven’t come across the author before, may I suggest you check him out.

– Larry Gordon

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