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Now you see me …

April 28, 2015
Sharon Bolton

Sharon Bolton

I have discovered a new awesome author!  S. J. Bolton (Sandra) writes thrillers that twist and turn so much that even if you are naughty like me and you read the last page before you finish the book, you will never see the end coming.

Her latest heroine, Lacey Flint, is a new police detective who stumbles across a dead woman near her car. As the investigation unfolds, it appears that the murderer has a fixation on both Flint and Jack the Ripper. Bolton has written four books featuring Lacey Flint and “Now you see me” is the first. Unfortunately I started reading these books in the wrong order and read this one third. Silly me, I should have listened to my own rules.  But all of Bolton’s books stand alone and there are enough teasers to fill you in with the basics of the story line, but to truly appreciate it I feel you need to read them in order. Having read the second and third already, so much made sense when I read this book.

Lacey is a feisty and deeply troubled character with a lot of baggage from her youth, her relationships with those around her are complicated and never seem to run smoothly but she is very likeable and I am looking forward to more books in this series.

So far I have read four of Bolton’s books and they all were brilliant. Her other character, Evi Oliver, is in the book ‘Blood Sacrifice’ and is mentioned in the Lacey Flint book ‘Dead Scared’ as well. I cannot recommend these books enough for anyone who likes a really good thriller with believable characters and lots of twists. Just don’t expect to do much else until you’ve finished it.

– Corinna



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