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Thrilled to ‘Die Again’

May 13, 2015

tess dieIn ‘Die Again’, internationally bestselling author, Doctor Tess Gerritsen is once again at the top of her form and I really enjoyed this book.  There were actually two storylines – one plotline following a group of people on safari in Africa, and how they got stranded and only one of them made it out of the bush alive. This event occurred six years previously to the second story line, which has Rizzoli and Isles investigating the murder of a big game hunter/taxidermist and his dead son’s girlfriend.  Turns out that the dead son was on that safari in Africa, and the two stories become intertwined as it becomes evident that the deaths of those in Africa and in Boston are linked.  

Tess has written many novels so far, some featuring Detective Jane Rizzoli, and Medical Examiner Maura Isles, and some not.  Personally, I prefer the Rizzoli and Isles novels as they have a little more edge.

Highly recommended.  Find Tess Gerritsen books on our catalogue.

– Natalie



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