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Case files of injustice

May 28, 2015

Law and Disorder by John Douglas is a must read for those who enjoy real crime rather than (or as well as) the fictional variety. Written by a top ranking FBI ‘profiler’, this book covers several cases of injustice and the work of John Douglas and others to right those injustices.

One of the worst cases is that of the West Memphis 3 who were found guilty of the murders of three eight-year-olds and spent over 10 years in prison before eventually being proven not guilty. In this instance, the interest and active support of Sir Peter Jackson and Fran Welsh played a significant part in getting the three young men off death row. The book deals with several such trials right up to the recent case of Amanda Knox who was imprisoned along with her Italian boyfriend for a murder they did not commit.

Douglas shows how he went about his work, case by case, and reveals the way in which pre-conceived theories, sloppy investigation and mistaken testimony, often by so-called experts, lead to bad verdicts. A fascinating account of some notorious cases. – Larry

Hint:  If you find true crime cases fascinating, visit the non-fiction area of your library, Dewey 364. Some authors who have written books investigating New Zealand cases are Bryan Bruce, Ian Wishart, David White, Mike White, and Mark Price.


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