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The girl with a clock for a heart…

July 2, 2015

clock heartThe main job of the writer of a thriller is to hook the reader and draw one tautly through the pages until one is caught because one’s life depends on knowing the outcome. Therefore author Peter Swanson is a success. Other reviews have called him formulaic, but I disagree: the hero is the anti- kind and the protagonist is also unusual, which saves the story from the usual dreck some other writers churn out.

George fell in love with a girl, Audrey, in college. Absolute textbook romance – but wait, it’s still not formulaic, I promise. Over the Christmas break, she commits suicide. Bereft, George goes to grieve with her parents…but the photo on their mantelpiece is not Audrey. What?! Is there a chance she’s still alive? George hopes and waits and hopes, never really committing to another woman. After 20 years of thinking he’s glimpsed his lost love, studying elements of strange women’s faces and gait, Liana is lying in wait for him at his favourite bar. She’s in deep doodee and George is the only one who can help her. Will he? Read it and find out!

4/5 stars.

– Tamara



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