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New Harapaki panel at Pahiatua Library

July 30, 2015

“ KOTAHITANGA” HE MAHI HARAPAKI  –  (A Harapaki panel) Pahiatua 2010 – 2012

Between 2010 and 2012,  a small group of people wanted to learn the art of Harapaki (Tukutuku).  This learning was undertaken through researching, designing, preparing resources, completing the panel, writing the story, organising the blessing and installation in the Tararua Learning Centre building in Sedcole Street, Pahiatua.

Now that the Learning Centre no longer has a venue in Pahiatua, and most of the people who worked on “Kotahitanga” were from or lived in  Pahiatua,  the group thought it would be appropriate for the panel to stay in the Pahiatua community.  An approach was made to the Library to see if “Kotahitanga” could have a long term space there so that its story would still be visible in the community, which was accepted by the District Librarian.

We are grateful that “Kotahitanga” has a wonderful spot to observe all the other stories held in the library.   People can ‘read’  the story of  “Kotahitanga “ through  the stitches that tell the  learning journey of a group of adults over the course of two years.  It talks about their dreams and aspirations, the struggles and challenges they faced,  the commitment to pass on the knowledge and care for the environment, and how they learnt perseverance right through to completion.  

– Pahiatua Library


L to R: Ataneta Paewai, Sylvia Albert, June Kahu and Huatahi Albert

L to R: Ataneta Paewai, Sylvia Albert, June Kahu and Huatahi Albert






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