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Poetry competition: The Carnival Garden

August 4, 2015

The Carnival Garden


Lupins sing, “here we go, loopy loo”,

Poppy’s embarrassed – what shall she do?

Bluebells ring the roses, as red as clowns’ noses,

Bees throw pollen pies in front of Pansy’s eyes,lupins

Dizzy Ms Lizzy has gone crazy, waving at the bulbs, “you’re all blooming lazy!”

Naughty Morning Glory tells a risqué story,

While young Mr Birch left Iris in the lurch, soaking her stems away.

Ivy’s climbing on the wire, forever going higher,

Blossom rides upon the breeze,

Weeds chase flowers in a game of squeeze.


© Bettina McCulloch (2015)


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