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Poetry competition: Past Lessons

August 19, 2015



From hallowed ground shadows spring

Remnants of past and present kings

From bloody wars to peaceful nights

Only those so powerful fall from sky heights

Call them what you will, majesty, sire

Love them, hate them but always admire

Not every man can lead a land

Be so confident where they stand

Murderers and thieves are easily dealt

The aristocrats are the true masters of stealthcrown charlemange

Plotting and scheming for the throne

When war arrives, true colours are shown

These great men we pick apart

Immortalised in song, story and art

They work to keep the fragile peace

Or the hounds of war they release

So remember, dead and buried

Our kings are our kings, though varied

Think not of the action they take

Wonder at how they did not break


© Jodi Benfell    (2015)


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