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Poetry competition: Little Brown Bear

August 21, 2015

Little Brown Bear

Little brown bear

love heart sewn

on your head.


Stitches up your middle

where your creator

sewed you up.

Little red jacket

holding you tight.


Little brown bearteddy bear well worn

do you think

there is someone

out there,

looking in on us?


See the moonbeam

on the carpet

over there. Look

now gone

as if cloud covered curtains

opened and closed,

cutting off their

moonbeam light.


I saw a picture

in the newspaper.

The face of a man

wanting to buy

silver, banknotes

and toy bears.


I turned the page over

so he couldn’t see

you, here

with me.


Thank goodness we

have no T.V.

All those faces

looking in on us.

They might want to

take you

from me.


Happy face,

big ears,

big paws.

My little brown bear

are you ready

for cuddles,

let me turn

out the light.


© John Priest (2015)



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  1. Helyn permalink

    Oh I love this! Don’t we all relate


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