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Poetry competition: Caterwaul

August 23, 2015


We are the family down the road,

Together we roam like lost children

Not brought up right, left bereft with

Home gone, we are one, not forgotten.

We are pests, swarms of flies descended on bins,caterwaul

Starved of love we dine on skinny rats,

Under your door we smell sweet gravy,

We feel the warmth of your ire.

We watch you cuss and hiss like livid witches

Spitting odium. We dodge your cauldron,

Like Houdini we wriggle from river bags to

Dance on glass traps, cuddle barbed boundaries

To score our tiny claws down your polished cars,

Puncture your tyres so you don’t drive us down.


© Karen Rees (2015)




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