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Poetry competition: A promise

August 24, 2015

The emerald tinge of grass

Basks in the sun

Landscaping the hills

As the mighty river of Mohaka

Weaves its way seaward

And kisses the land as it goes.


A viaduct majestic but now forlornMohaka Viaduct

Takes it’s bow

No more clickety clank of train wheels

To echo through the valley.


The land

Our land

Is the keeper of our memories

Of our yesterdays

Our tomorrow dreams

And now

So take care of the land

And the land will take care of you.


Remember the ancestors

Traces on the land

Reminders in the stars

Amongst us at times unseen

Whispering in our hearts

You are loved

And you are love.


Remember too the young onesaroha

For they are finding their voice

Listen to them

Encourage them

And most of all love them.


For then they will want to remember the stories

And they too will take care of the land

And I will take care of them.


This I promise you.


© Oriana Walker




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