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Poetry competition : A Roadside Tragedy

August 25, 2015



“Run as fast as you can”,

Oh no too late she heard the sound

Back across the road she ran

tugged and pulled her heart beating

Baby was silent, left the land of the living.

The passing traffic, dust and gravel shook the ground

No one noticed the terrible tragedy

On the side of the country road that day

as the grieving mother pulled her baby away.

Out of the bushes the sympathisers appeared

Father Mongoose sped past others runningmongoose

pushed mum aside grabbed his lifeless offspring

A cacophony of muted sounds caught my ears

All broke down in sorrow and tears.

No one noticed the terrible tragedy

At the edge of the roadside out of sight

While the traffic sped by churning wind and dust.

And the morning sun shone down so bright.

Such events some humans never know or see

That living creatures feel love,

pain and woe like you and me.


© Nancy Byrne (2015)



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